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Buying gifts for the ones at home

Sonntag, August 28th, 2016

Finally my plans for the upcoming vacation have been settled and I somehow feel relieved that I made a decision about what to do.

Against all ideas and thoughts I had before, I planned a flight back home and will stay with my family for a little bite more than two weeks. I agree, this is will not bring me many new experiences like new places or discovering a totally unknown place.


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Still no idea what to do

Samstag, August 6th, 2016

Planning this year’s vacation is still a topic. Though thinking about it almost every day, there has been no progress at all.

I have been browsing additional websites checking multiple offers but no booking has been made.


It is not the question of ideas because I have multiple things that I would like to do: a trip to the north of the Korean peninsulas sounds interesting, but getting there as well as the trip itself will be a little bit complicated. Entering the country is only possible from a few cities in Russia or China. This means that I need to travel to one of these places first, before I can start the journey to the actual destination. Finding appropriate flights was complicated and most of the time it would require staying an additional night in one of these cities adding costs on top.


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Vacation planning

Sonntag, Juli 24th, 2016

This week the company asked the employees to hand in each one’s planning for her or his annual leave for 2016. Up to now, I had not made up my mind what to do or where to go and so I also had no schedule when to take a few days off.


Surely, I did have days off already in 2016 but either it has been annual leave brought forward from last year or a single day of overtime compensation here and there. Since Christmas I had not been on holiday for a longer period spending my time doing whatever I want.


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Sonntag, Juli 17th, 2016

Summer has arrived in Seoul and this means many days of rain. The first part this season is also known as the rainy season and therefore you better take an umbrella with you when leaving your home.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that the rain will not stop for several days. It its more like this: some days it is raining from morning until the evening, other days just for a few hours. With the temperatures being rather high, the air is filled with humidity and quite sticky.


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Returning home

Samstag, Juli 9th, 2016

My business trip to Germany had come to an end and it was time to pack my bags. Thinking about all the days I had spent there this time I have to conclude that the journey was quite successful: the two workshops I attended were quite successful. Many things could be clarified, questions answered, decisions made and next steps defined.

Besides I had the chance to see my family twice on the weekends and do some nice activities such as house running and skydiving.


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Free falling from the sky

Sonntag, Juli 3rd, 2016

All the days of the week I have been thinking of my plans for Sunday: skydiving.

After doing house running the weekend before, I somehow had the desire to do something more thrilling. Therefore I looked up on the internet for possible activities. At the beginning I thought about going for bungee jumping once again but either the locations were too far away or all dates had been booked.

Browsing through several websites I came across tandem parachuting and without thinking about it too much, I signed up for Sunday morning at a small local airport near my parents home.


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It is different

Samstag, Juni 18th, 2016

On Monday evening I arrived in Germany after a flight of nearly 12 hours at the airport in Munich. After leaving the plane, I had to walk through several corridors to reach the security check for my connecting flight. Moving the feet and legs felt pretty good after sitting for a long time with only a small alley to walk back and forth when going to the toilet.

At the security check I immediately realized that I am no longer in Korea. There was no friendly “Hello” by the staff and the atmosphere was more like being investigated by the police rather than a simple security check.

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Seoul – Busan – Seoul – Busan – Seoul

Samstag, Juni 4th, 2016

It is time to travel again. Last Thursday, several colleagues and me had to go on a business trip to Busan for just two days. On Friday evening we were back in Seoul and the weekend could be spent at home.


This week, another business trip to Busan was on the agenda. We left on Friday and after our arrival in the South, we had a final wrap up meeting for that day. The next morning we met again to continue with our work.

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Time to leave

Samstag, März 12th, 2016

Tomorrow I will fly back to Seoul as my business trip is coming to an end. Actually I should have been back to Korea since last weekend but due to being in hospital for several days, I had to postpone my return.


This week I tried to compensate the sick leave and rescheduled most of the meetings that I couldn’t attend. Back at work many colleagues had asked me about my health condition and I could only give them the same answer that the doctors had told me: they haven’t been able to identify the root cause of my problems. For sure this doesn’t make me feel very happy on the one hand, but the fact that the results from the last blood tests showed better values than before, I am some kind of relieved that it was only a temporary thing.

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Recovering with mixed feelings

Samstag, März 5th, 2016

After being release from hospital on Wednesday I spent the rest of the week at my parents home. The doctor had advised to stay away from work until Monday to recover properly.

A week later I need to go and see him again for a final check and to receive all the results from the examinations and blood tests.

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