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To be extended

Freitag, Januar 13th, 2017

This week was different than the other three before: holiday season in Germany was over and also my boss had returned from his vacation.

Being able to fully focus on the current task without being interrupted by emails from headquarter was over and several regular meetings were continued.


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Getting used to it

Sonntag, Januar 8th, 2017

With the beginning of the new week, the holiday season in Europe will be over and my colleagues in Germany will be back in the office. This means, business will continue as usual and the more relaxed days in the office are over.

My week will be structured with several regular meetings and telephone conferences and the time to work on other tasks will become less.


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Going back with mixed feelings

Samstag, Dezember 10th, 2016

Today I am on the way back to Seoul after spending two weeks two Germany.

The first half was focused on work, meetings and cooperating with colleagues whereas the second week were a few days off that I spent at my parents home.


As Christmas was approaching, their home was decorated nicely as usual and also shops and restaurants had candles everywhere, Christmas trees brought some like in the dark evening and on weekends Christmas markets opened their gates.

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Are you in the mood for Christmas?

Samstag, Dezember 3rd, 2016

A week full of work and a workshop together with my colleagues in Germany is over and I started the second half of my trip back home: vacation.

I will spend a week at my parents home to relax, meet friends and the entire family. Besides I have trips to several places on my mind but this depends on the weather and what others might have on their mind.


In Seoul, several departments stores, shops and offices have put up some Christmas decoration during the last weeks and you can see lots of advertisement for Christmas sale activities. However, my feeling is that Christmas is mainly an event from commercial point of view. Other festivals like Spring Festival or Chuseok have a much higher importance and people mostly focus on them.

Here in Germany, Christmas is definitely one of the most important periods during the year. People prepare their homes with lots of lights, animals or snowmen as decoration. Trees with candles or chains of lights can be spotted nearly everywhere.


In cafes and restaurants you will find menus with special dishes traditionally eaten during Christmas season and coffee is enriched with the flavors of cinnamon, honey or cardamom. Supermarkets updated their range of products especially by ingredients for baking and there is nothing that you can think of you will not find.


At my home, my parents also decorated each room. Especially the living room has the most intense atmosphere. In the evening you can see the enlighten trees through the windows and next to a book shelf you will the Christmas crib right next to it.

When having a coffee on Sunday afternoon, there will be a plate with home made cookies and stollen. When being a child and still going to school, I was waiting for the end of November when she usually started making the cookies. The older I got, there more I enjoyed doing it together and from her I learned a lot. Without her hints and tricks, I would not have been able to prepare some traditional Christmas cookies for my colleagues in Seoul last year.


During the next days, I will try to enjoy and absorb as much of the atmosphere as possible and hopefully this will last when being back in South Korea.

Ready for take-off

Sonntag, November 27th, 2016

Today was the last day at the office before going on a combined business trip and vacation for the next two weeks.

As usual, many things needed to be finished and therefore leaving the office early was not an option.

Close to 8 pm in the evening, all reports had been written, manuals and instructions for my colleagues, who back me up during my absence, had been created and all emails answered. My trolley for the laptop had been prepared and I was good to go.


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Change in plans

Samstag, November 12th, 2016

The year is slowly coming to an end and you can feel that Christmas is not far away. Even though it is not a major or very traditional holiday here in Korea, people celebrate it anyway. Many shops put up massive Christmas decoration or are preparing to do so. For them any kind of holiday is more than welcome to have special sales events, discounts or offer specific products for that season.

One of the very well-known department stores is covered by thousands of lights in the evening with changing colors, imitating being wrapped in different colors or having other kind of animation. Indeed it looks very beautiful and is a good place for taking nice pictures when it is dark.


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Adding another year

Freitag, November 4th, 2016

Being an expat for quite a ling time now I have gone through that situation a couple of times in the past: the current contract is coming to an end within the next six months and therefore I should make a decision about my future.

Every expat is given a guarantee that she or he will be offered a job at the same salary at their home location when the contract ends. However, as the company can not hold a vacancy for several years, the jobs you are offered are more likely tasks no one else likes to do.

Therefore it is highly recommended to start searching for new options on your own.


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Days are counted

Freitag, September 16th, 2016

Again and again it is hard to realize how quickly time is passing by. Roughly two weeks of my vacation are over and a few days are left before I need to return to Korea.

Thinking about what I have done so far, I have to admit that it may not sound too interesting or might even sound boring for some people but I do not want to miss a day.


The most thrilling thing was parachuting for sure and the afternoon was a blast. The weather couldn’t have been better and being accompanied by the entire family just made the event perfect.It felt good to share the excitement and joy with them and sitting together around a big coffee table was a great ending.

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Relaxing with a thrill

Sonntag, September 11th, 2016

Time is definitely flying and the first week of my vacation is already over.


Since I am doing very hard to stay away from work and not following up on emails coming in, I found myself several times in front of my laptop answering them, forwarding them to colleagues and have short phone calls to push things forward.

I did not make a schedule for each and decide in a rather spontaneous way what I will do, and so there is the likeliness that I have time to focus on work for one or two hours.


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Ready to go

Freitag, September 2nd, 2016

It is Friday evening and everything is prepared: both suitcases are packaged, hand luggage as well and in a few hours I will leave to the airport.


Today was a quite intense and very focused day at work. Due to a company almost no one could be found sitting at her or his desk at the office and when it comes to our team I was the only one who did not attend. I had decided to skip this event since I needed to finish some tasks before being out of office for more than two weeks. Moreover, I had a meeting with a supplier and a telephone conference with colleagues in Germany on my agenda.

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