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Seoul – here I am

Sonntag, März 9th, 2014

A couple of hours I arrived in the capital of South Korea –  Seoul. For the next two years this will be my new home.


After three years in Beijing it was hard to leave. I had to leave many colleagues and friends behind as well as all the familiar places I used to go.

in more than 36 months in one of the biggest cities of the world I had a good knowledge of where to buy food, clothes or electronics, where to go out on a weekend or historical sites. Thousands of pictures of this and that had been taken, I had seen tons of curious things and spent long hours in the office.

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At home as a guest

Sonntag, März 2nd, 2014

Last Friday I moved out of my apartment and before I finally move to Korea I will stay in a hotel for the last couple of days.

It felt strange leaving the building that I had lived in for the last three years. There will be no more wake up call with a familiar voice, no more small talk with the staff and no more view on the CCTV building.


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Until the very last second

Mittwoch, Februar 26th, 2014

The last week of February has started and despite focusing on my relocation to Korea work is bothering me more than ever.

It seems to me as if everyone knows that I will be leaving soon and so they want me to help them with this, show them that and support them as much as possible until the very end of my contract.


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It is getting closer

Dienstag, Februar 18th, 2014

The end of February is coming closer and much faster than I had expected. There are only ten days left and then my new assignment for Korea will begin.


The contract has been signed and the order for my relocation has been forwarded to the moving agency. Within the next days I will discuss with them all the details about when they will come to pick up my stuff and where to ship it.

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Goodbye and hello

Freitag, Januar 17th, 2014

A week full of impressions, discoveries and new experiences is coming to an end. Seoul has been treating me very well during the past five days.


What happened during my stay here? I was introduced to new places like Insa-dong, Itaewon and Namsan Park. I had heard of the places before or read about them in a magazine, but a hands on experience is much different. Most of all the small streets and old houses in Insa-dong showed me an entirely new side of the modern and bustling capital of South Korea.

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A new challenge has started

Sonntag, Januar 12th, 2014

You might have guessed from one of the last blog posts that there is something going on that leads to a bigger change for me.


Indeed, there is. From March 1st I will be starting my new assignment in another country. I am neither going back to Germany nor heading somewhere on the western hemisphere. On the contrary, I will move a little bit more eastern to the city of Seoul.


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Not decided yet

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

There are several bi-weekly or monthly magazines informing readers about new restaurants, cultural events, travelling and living in China. Their target group is expats coming to Beijing and make them discover the city more than just staying in their usual environment.

The main topic of the current issue of one of them is expats leaving China. After flipping through it briefly to get an overview about the content, my mind got stuck with the question what will happen with me.

Without extending my contract I would be back in Germany right now being back in a cultural and social environment I lived in the most time of my life.

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Heading towards the second year

Samstag, Februar 4th, 2012

Today is February 4th and it is just two more days to go until I can claim I have been here for one year. Last year, I arrived at the end of the Spring Festival to start working and living in a new environment.

After a few days I already felt that it was the right decision to come to this pulsating city. Sure there have been difficulties and problems but I told myself that this is also a part of this new life over here. I found many new friends, tried new for and got to know a new culture.

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Xin nian kuai le!

Samstag, Dezember 31st, 2011

The year is over and it is time to let some moments pass by.


The most important thing happened at the very beginning. In February I left Germany to start a life in a new city, new country, environment and new culture. Moving to Beijing meant not only leaving friends and family behind, it also meant settling down not knowing what there is to come.

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Relocation completed

Samstag, März 12th, 2011

Five weeks after arriving in Beijing I received my airfreight container. At 9:30 am three people came to my apartment and brought 11 boxes with them. After ten minutes everything was stored in the living room and the papers were signed. Now a process that had started many weeks ago has finally come to an end. It was nothing that could be done once and many small steps had to be taken until I can finally say that I can focus on living here and my work of course. Nothing is missing or broken and in the mean time I received my working as well as residence permit. The relocation is over and I am very relieved. Somehow it feels different because even though I have been living here for several days now I always felt like being between two worlds. This feeling is gone now and I already feel a little bit like a Beijingren and less like a guy from another country or a foreigner. I spend the late morning and the early afternoon with unpacking my clothes, books, my coffee machine, my TV and other stuff from boxes and putting it in their predetermined place. Within hours my apartment changed from a place looking like a big hotel room to a more personal and  familiar place. Welcome in Beijing!