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Adding another year

Freitag, November 4th, 2016

Being an expat for quite a ling time now I have gone through that situation a couple of times in the past: the current contract is coming to an end within the next six months and therefore I should make a decision about my future.

Every expat is given a guarantee that she or he will be offered a job at the same salary at their home location when the contract ends. However, as the company can not hold a vacancy for several years, the jobs you are offered are more likely tasks no one else likes to do.

Therefore it is highly recommended to start searching for new options on your own.


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What an atmosphere

Sonntag, August 31st, 2014

Yes, I admit that I am still missing Beijing and most likely ever will be. The past more than three years have been packed with new impressions, new contacts and insights in a totally different culture that stand out from everything else before.


The problem is that this puts a certain threshold on my expectations for my time in Korea. Of course I wish that it will be a positive episode in the same kind of way.

However, when it comes to the language I doubt that for the moment. Three months ago I started with learning Hangul but besides a „Hello“, „Goodbye“ or „How much is it?“ there is not much progress. The grammar is feasible with a few weird things like the honorific terms for showing respect to others.

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Strange feeling

Montag, Mai 5th, 2014

This Sunday I was out for a walk towards one of the hills or mountains that is close to the city center.

On my way there I reached the city wall that had been built several hundred years ago to protect the city from the any invader. I skipped the original plan with the mountain and decided to discover the so called Fortress Wall.


Before being allowed to climb the first steps of the wall I had to fill in a form and register with my local ID. I was given a badge with a number that needed to be worn.

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Tempus fugit

Sonntag, April 20th, 2014

Indeed time is flying. April is coming to an end soon and so is the second month of my assignment for Korea.

Last week I had been struggling with my shipment but now everything is settled and I can start feeling more and more at home. I like the cozy atmosphere of my new neighborhood with tons of small galleries, souvenir and coffee shops.

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Fully moved in

Montag, April 14th, 2014

Since this weekend I am fully settled in Seoul. On Wednesday I changed the apartment to my final one and a day later the container with my personal belongings arrived.


I spent the entire Saturday with unpacking boxes, storing clothes and documents, putting up some decoration and giving the apartment the look that somebody is living there.

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Shopping experience

Samstag, April 5th, 2014

It is Saturday and the days of work are finished for this week. My original plan was to enjoy the spring and go to a park which has been recommended in a magazine especially during this season for its cherry blossom trees.


Looking out of the window after waking up made me change my plan as the sky was cloudy and even looked rainy.

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Out for a walk

Sonntag, März 30th, 2014

What to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon when having no other plans? Going out for a walk is definitely an option and so I decided to leave my apartment in the afternoon. I took my camera with me and was heading for Cheonggyecheon river.

The reconstructed area on the borders of this small river had been reconstructed and were a perfect area to escape from cars and taxis. A stairway led down to the beginning of the channel-like path left and right of the river.


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No luck today

Sonntag, März 23rd, 2014

It is Sunday and besides being busy with laundry I decided to go shopping. Instead of clothes I wanted to fill up my refrigerator. My plan was to go to a big supermarket not far away from my home to check their offer and prices.


Since I didn’t know where exactly it was I decided to take a taxi and not the subway. Five minutes later I arrived at the huge mall complex with a supermarket in the basement. As I arrived at the entrance the roller gate was closing and I saw the sign that it is closed every second and fourth Sunday per month.

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Becoming a local

Samstag, März 22nd, 2014

Surely I will never be able to become a local, the only thing I can do is to adapt as much as possible.

Some kind of adaption was to get a local registration to comply to Korean law. With the registration I also received a social security number which is the gate opener to things like a bank account or getting a mobile phone contract.


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One week later

Samstag, März 15th, 2014

The first week in Korea is over and it is time for a short summary: The apartment I had chosen was not bad and the location perfect. Each morning and evening I was taking a short walk of ten to fifteen minutes. This helped me to get a clear mind before and after work. Across the building I live in is a small coffee serving a nice brew I went to a couple of times already.


Besides the area around my new home was pretty quiet and dominated by office buildings, small connivence stores and a few restaurants. One evening I took a walk of half an hour to find out where the surrounding roads lead to. (mehr …)