Being somehow helpless

Helping my family, friends, colleagues or sometimes even people I do not know at all has always been something I regarded as nothing special.


For example when being out for a walk on one of the last weekends, a small delivery truck dropped several goods after speeding up when the traffic light had turned green. Fortunately the driver realised that he had lost something and stopped the vehicle right away.

Since several things were covering the road blocking the traffic for that direction, I did not hesitate for a second and helped him to pick things up get everything in its place again. We did not talk to each other at all except as as short „Thank you“ after we had been done.


When talking to my parents this week on the phone, they told me about technical issues with their WiFi at home. For more than one hour we tried to trouble shoot and solve the problem together. The route had been reset multiple time, connections were checked and settings confirmed, but still there was no connection to the internet at all.


In the end, we stopped and agreed that my brother will take a look at the router next time he will be visiting my parents. Frankly speaking, I felt very uncomfortable about this situation. Though I had tried my best to help solving the problem, it was still present as we hang up the phone. I felt pretty helpless and this still is somehow driving me crazy. Knowing that there is still an issue and I can not help gives me some kind of stress, since I can not do anything about it for the moment.

Surely it is not a severe situation and you could regard is a minor issue, but for me not being able to close this topic is annoying. Probably since I like everything to be in perfect order is the reason for that and now is the time to learn to get along with this situation. I am sure I will benefit from that also at work as I might have to go similar situations there as well.

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