Early morning

Since quite a long while, I am going for a walk in the early morning on Saturday and Sunday. I often take the same way and so it has become something like a routine or a habit.

Though the way I choose is mostly the same, it is always a different experience as the conditions are changing.


I remember one time when it was snowing heavily like back at home. You could see every footstep in the snow but after a short while they were gone again. The scenery looked beautiful and even a little bit romantic, the noise of cars passing by was lower than usual and the few lights of the lanterns along the roads made everything brighter than the days before as the light was reflected by the snow.

Another time it started raining and I had no umbrella with me. After I got back home again, the jacket was wet and so was my beanie. It felt great to take a warm shower afterwards and sipping a hot cup of coffee.


The reason why I like going out around the early morning hours is the atmosphere itself. During day time, Seoul is a busy place with many people everywhere, lots of cars, buses and emergency vehicles passing by every now and then.

Being outside at 4 or 5 am shows a much different face of the city: it seems as if everything is taking a break and holding the breath for a short while. Especially during national holidays you sometimes do not see any car at all at roads with three or four lanes per each direction whereas during rush hour they are jammed with honking taxis and cars.


It is a good chance to relax and calm down yourself as well. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere helps me to set my mind free, stop thinking about work and just enjoy some fresh air.

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