No motivation for something new

Thinking back about the last year, I have always been looking for new places to visit or new things to do on the weekends or public holidays.


One topic was trying to find new coffee shops selling Dutch coffee or cold brew. Since I kept a bottle of each please I had been to – and it has been many places – my collection is rather big. Several shelfs in my kitchen are totally packed with bottles of different colors, sizes and with beautiful labels.

Most likely I will have to throw them away when moving either back to Germany or a different place one day, but for now I would like to keep them. Some of the shops have changed the labels on their bottles by now or even closed.

My favourite one moved to another location outside of Seoul and as they do not have an online store where they offer their products, it has become much harder to get a bottle of my favourite Dutch coffee. Another one is still located in Seoul but stopped selling products via internet.


Besides coffee, baking and cooking has also been a big thing for me last one and a half years. It started in late 2015 when I had the idea to prepare some cookies for the Christmas season. Within a few days it turned from an idea to a hobby which I passionately worked on for several weeks and months. I shared the results which had been either macarons, cookies, pastry or cakes with friends and colleagues.

When visiting my parents, I had introduced Korean dishes to them so that they could get a slight idea of what Korean food was about. Together with my mom I prepared side dishes, pancakes and main dishes. Since it was quite hard to bring all necessary special ingredients to Germany or buy them there, the taste was somehow similar to the Korean original but not as good as having the food here in Seoul.


However, all of a sudden it seems as if I have lost interest in these things. The past weekends I mainly spent going outside for a longer walk, doing some house work such as laundry or cleaning up and the rest was just relaxing. I am lacking motivation for other things somehow and do not know where this is coming from. I am rather unhappy about that and hope that this will change again towards the summer as I do not want to waste my time doing nothing.

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