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Being somehow helpless

Sonntag, Februar 19th, 2017

Helping my family, friends, colleagues or sometimes even people I do not know at all has always been something I regarded as nothing special.


For example when being out for a walk on one of the last weekends, a small delivery truck dropped several goods after speeding up when the traffic light had turned green. Fortunately the driver realised that he had lost something and stopped the vehicle right away.

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Early morning

Samstag, Februar 11th, 2017

Since quite a long while, I am going for a walk in the early morning on Saturday and Sunday. I often take the same way and so it has become something like a routine or a habit.

Though the way I choose is mostly the same, it is always a different experience as the conditions are changing.


I remember one time when it was snowing heavily like back at home. You could see every footstep in the snow but after a short while they were gone again. The scenery looked beautiful and even a little bit romantic, the noise of cars passing by was lower than usual and the few lights of the lanterns along the roads made everything brighter than the days before as the light was reflected by the snow.

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No motivation for something new

Sonntag, Februar 5th, 2017

Thinking back about the last year, I have always been looking for new places to visit or new things to do on the weekends or public holidays.


One topic was trying to find new coffee shops selling Dutch coffee or cold brew. Since I kept a bottle of each please I had been to – and it has been many places – my collection is rather big. Several shelfs in my kitchen are totally packed with bottles of different colors, sizes and with beautiful labels.

Most likely I will have to throw them away when moving either back to Germany or a different place one day, but for now I would like to keep them. Some of the shops have changed the labels on their bottles by now or even closed.

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