Slowing down and quite deserted

After celebrating new year on December 31st it was time to celebrate it a second time. This time it was Lunar New Year or Spring Festival like people call it in China.

It is a time of the year which is one of the most important ones for Asian people. During the holidays, they travel to their families, stay together for a couple of days and celebrate the arrival of the new year with good food at their homes.


Especially for foreigners this season is rather boring as the locals are busy with their own families and inviting non-family members to celebrate together is rather uncommon.

Moreover, many shops are closed, restaurants and coffee shops have limited opening hours or close their doors as well. As a result, there is not much to do during the holidays.


That’s why I have spent the last four days doing nothing special except relaxing and going out for a walk. When walking through my neighbourhood I realised that there are less people than usual and most of the shops had closed their doors. Even some of the convenience stores which are usually open 24/7 had shut their doors for a few days.

Besides the holiday season the weather was quite chilly and most likely this made people stay indoors even more.


Major roads with three and more lanes per direction which are always having some cars running back and fourth were totally deserted and it somehow felt like walking through a ghost town. There was no honking of cars, no sound of the engines of trucks, vans or motorbikes and no ambulance passing by rushing to the hospital or an accident.


Even though everything seemed to be deserted and a little bit darker due to missing lights of open shops and cars passing by, it was a good chance to take a breath and relax before work is starting again tomorrow.

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