Snow, snow, snow

When being asked about winter and snow, I mostly think of my home in Germany. During the cold season of the year we used to have lots of snow and I often went skiing, first with my parents, later on with friends or colleagues.

However, with the years passing by having a white Christmas became less and less common as it started snowing later than usual and many times there was no snow at all on Christmas Eve.

It took another two or three weeks for the snow to arrive and cover everything in white, make roads slippery and create a beautiful scenery.


Besides my schedule at work, this was also the reason why I decided to have my holidays at a later time this year and travel back home in March and not in December or early January. Up to now, it seems as if it has been the right decision as it has started snowing just a few days ago at my parents home.


But this morning when getting up here in Seoul, I was quite surprised when taking a look out of the window. All roads and buildings were covered with a white coat of 10 cm of snow. In fact, this is quite uncommon as snow is rather rarely to be seen here. The last three years, we have had some snow as well but much less. Mostly it has been a very light cover of a few snow flakes that had been gone even when there was a light wind.

Now the cover was much thicker and the flakes falling down were as big as I knew them from my home.


For a moment, it even felt like home and though it was rather cold outside with temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius, I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the winter season which had obviously arrived at Seoul.

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