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This week was different than the other three before: holiday season in Germany was over and also my boss had returned from his vacation.

Being able to fully focus on the current task without being interrupted by emails from headquarter was over and several regular meetings were continued.


As a result, the five working days of this week passed by much faster as the ones before, at least it felt like it. There was a telephone conference for getting updates on the current status here, a report to be finished for another meeting or pending decisions were addressed again.

In general, I liked that it was getting more busy again as it somehow gives me the feeling as if the entire project is making some progress.


Apart from that I thought that with my boss being back in the office, I will not have to back him up traveling to Busan for two days a week. However, I was proven wrong. He will have to go on a business trip for two weeks and this means for me that I have to continue working half of the week in Seoul and the second half in Busan for another two weeks at least.

Frankly speaking, I have become quite used to that in the meantime and even enjoyed the chance of locations for work. Staying at one of our suppliers gave me the chance to get first hand and very deep insights in their internal structures and project management.

Also it helps me understanding why they are acting sometimes different from what I expected and what problems they are facing.


Another benefit of staying in the South of Korea fro two days a week is the food: you can enjoy different kinds of seafood with ingredients as fresh as possible and the slightly warmer temperatures allow you not to be forced to hide among the thickest clothes to fight against the winter.

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