Getting used to it

With the beginning of the new week, the holiday season in Europe will be over and my colleagues in Germany will be back in the office. This means, business will continue as usual and the more relaxed days in the office are over.

My week will be structured with several regular meetings and telephone conferences and the time to work on other tasks will become less.


Moreover, my boss will return from his vacation and I will have to update him on what has happened during his absence. For the last three weeks I had to managed his email inbox, approve travel or expense reports on his behalf as well as take care of bills that needed to be paid.


Additionally I had to back him up travelling to Busan where one of our suppliers is located. It started more than three months ago that he is staying there every Thursday and Friday to push things forward, monitor the work of the supplier and address weak points to the project management.


Having done this for him during his holidays was something new for me at the beginning. Since I had not been working on this project before, it took me a while to get into the details and understand more and more where the issues can be found and how they should be addressed. Another learning field for me was how to find a good way of communication with the supplier, getting over language difficulties and what can be done to motivate the staff to achieve the best results.


Besides work itself, it was also a change in my daily routine as I needed to take care of having something in my fridge when coming back home on late Friday evening or preparing my luggage on Wednesday evening. In the meantime I got used to it and even enjoyed the change of places once a week. Staying in Busan meant to have different kinds of food at other restaurants than usual and also seeing something else than downtown Seoul.

However, this task is finished and I will have to change back to the lifestyle of the days and weeks before. It is not that I am sad about it but I somehow will miss that change of places once a week.

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