Christmas atmosphere

Celebrating Christmas here in Korea is different from my home country. When asking friends and colleagues, they do not pay that much attention to it.There are no national holidays and few people take some days off to celebrate this period of the year.

Baking special cookies at home is not very common and to sum it up, buying gifts is the only thing people care about.

However, Christmas seems to be more interesting for restaurants and shops as they offer special menus, have seasonal menus influenced by special ingredients or spices like cinnamon, but most of all it is a chance for them to have discounts and sale events. From a commercial point of view, Christmas is definitely a topic.


For me, celebrating this festival meant not being surrounded by my family, have a tea or coffee together in the afternoon with home made cookies or visiting my brother and his family. I was at home alone and the feeling was quite strange. The reason to do it different this year was mostly driven by work and I was ok with that planning.

But now I regret having made that decision at least a little bit. To come over this feeling, I had Christmas songs playing at my home and somehow this was changing something in me. First I thought, it is just music and after a while I will get bored. Surprisingly, this was not the case.

Hearing these familiar songs gave me some kind of a warm and comfortable feeling.


On Christmas Eve, I watched two church services over internet and this was definitely something new for me. All the rest of the year, I usually do not attend any church service, even though I do have daily rituals based on my believe in god.

But going to church on Christmas Eve is something I do not want to miss. Since I was not sure where to go to here in Seoul, I decided to watch the service via internet. Same as with the music it seemed as if I had a found a way to compensate the feeling of being alone and a slight sadness.


Sharing these few minutes of singing Christian songs, saying prayers, listening to the lecture of the priest and hearing the well known section from the bible about the birth of Jesus, it was as I was sitting together with all the other people in this moment. I was happy and seeing things much more positive all of a sudden.

There have not been many moments in my life in which I felt what believing in something can influence your emotions but this what definitely one of them.

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