Making the same mistake twice

Since living abroad I spent most of the Christmas and New Year holidays at home in Germany surrounded by my family. This was mainly due to the fact that this is one of the most important periods of the year. Also the scenery with snow covered houses and trees – when it had been cold enough – and the candles in the windows of the houses was just beautiful.

On Sundays we used to come together in the afternoon for a tea or coffee and have some home made Christmas cookies.


When living in Beijing, I spent Christmas also twice in the capital of China. A colleague and friend of mine prepared a tasty Christmas dinner, I brought some wine and we had a cozy and nice evening in a small group of friends.


Since I moved to Korea, I usually booked a flight shortly before Christmas Eve to be at my parents home on time to celebrate together. The main reason was that I do not have many friends here and all of them also left Seoul during the Christmas season.

This year I decided to postpone my Christmas and New Year holidays to late January mostly for work reasons. I wanted to make use of the time when nearly all German colleagues are out of office to work on important topics, collect results and push things forward with local partners while they others are off.

The benefit is that there will be no delay on the quite challenging project I am assigned to.


However, my plan was also depending on the support of others before they left for their vacation. After announcing and discussing my proposal to work over Christmas, I received a lot of their appreciation and so I was in a good mood to have progress for all open topics.

But this week I was proven wrong. We had several discussions with the counterparts in Germany and more more it appeared that they could not support the preparation of the tasks I wanted to take care of during their time off.

All of a sudden there were reasons like no time, other more urgent issues or simply misunderstandings among all parties.


In the end my feelings changed from being confident and positive about my plans to being disappointed and let down. Earlier this year I had faced a similar already when putting work over private plans and made the same experience.

Since then I had decided never to do that again but as you can see I made the same mistake twice.

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