Going back with mixed feelings

Today I am on the way back to Seoul after spending two weeks two Germany.

The first half was focused on work, meetings and cooperating with colleagues whereas the second week were a few days off that I spent at my parents home.


As Christmas was approaching, their home was decorated nicely as usual and also shops and restaurants had candles everywhere, Christmas trees brought some like in the dark evening and on weekends Christmas markets opened their gates.

Though temperatures were low and it was rather chilly, the entire scenery gave me a kind of warm and romantic feeling. Stress due to work and pending tasks stepped back in my mind and I tried to enjoy this short period to take a breath as much as I could.


But the closer the day came that I had to leave again, the more a kind of sadness came over me. I was not sure where it was a good decision to work over Christmas this year and how to spend Christmas and New Years Eve all alone. All friends I had in Seoul would be traveling to see their families and many local colleagues will be off for a few days as well.

Moreover, it will be rather strange to go to the office on December 24th instead of being at home with my parents, listening to Christmas songs and taking a walk in the afternoon which was ending at a church nearby to worship.

Even though I do not go to church that much during the rest of the year, attending church service on Christmas Eve has always been important to me.


This year, I do not know what to do. One idea is to watch a broadcasting of a church service over the internet that was held in one of the bigger cities in Germany. Hopefully I can get rid of the sadness on that way and find some positive energy when talking to my family via internet on that day to say „Merry Christmas“.

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