Ready for take-off

Today was the last day at the office before going on a combined business trip and vacation for the next two weeks.

As usual, many things needed to be finished and therefore leaving the office early was not an option.

Close to 8 pm in the evening, all reports had been written, manuals and instructions for my colleagues, who back me up during my absence, had been created and all emails answered. My trolley for the laptop had been prepared and I was good to go.


As I was about to put on my jacket and walk towards the exit of our office, I received a text message from the airline that my flight on Sunday had been canceled. The reason was that the pilots of the airline were on strike and this time also international flights were affected.

I took my laptop out of my bag again, started it up and browsed through my emails to find the documents sent by the travel agency. One minute later I was on the phone explaining my situation and that I need a new flight on Sunday. The agent confirmed that she will do her abs and call me back within the next minutes.


Since there was nothing else to do than just waiting, I decided to go home. Ten minutes later I received a call from the travel agency offering me exactly the same flight with the same airline but one day earlier meaning Saturday. Frankly speaking I had my doubts that this flight would not be affected by the strike of the pilots and so I asked to look for other alternatives.

Another 20 minutes later the travel agency called back with a new option for Sunday which seemed to  a quite good choice.

After I received the new flight ticket via email and receiving all confirmation mails, I felt relieved that this problem could be solved that quickly. At the moment I saw the text message informing me about the cancelation of the flight, thoughts were flashing through my mind of which meetings might need to be canceled and who to be noted that I will not be there next week.

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