What to do?

On Friday night, I decided to go for a walk around midnight as I was more awake rather than feeling sleepy. It has been a tough week and I had spent most of the Friday in the car on a long distance drive around Seoul.

However, when sitting on the sofa in the evening I felt quite restless.


Frankly speaking, I like going outside late at night and walk around. The atmosphere is so much different from day time: with less people and cars outside, you have the chance to see signs or other things that are otherwise covered by traffic or pedestrians. Also the city itself seems to be taking a breath and relax before another busy day will be starting.

Last but not least the sound and noises you can hear differ a lot from motorcycles, buses, cars and horns. Sometimes you can even hear birds singing from the trees, especially in the early morning.


On my way, I passed one of the countless convenience stores in front of which a small group of people have been sitting, smoking or drinking. Except two of them, everything seemed to be peaceful. Two older mean were yelling at each other and all of a sudden they started to fight. With a fiery and angry impression on their faces they started pushing and hitting each other. They did not care at all about the people around and tried to beat or kick the other one as hard as they could.


After maneuvering around the two fighters I started wondering what I should do. I wanted to stop the fight as I felt afraid they would hurt each other seriously. Therefore In started to look around whether there was any policeman or police car nearby. These days you can easily find a policeman downtown Seoul as there are lots of demonstrations ongoing and they need to make sure that the protests are conducted peacefully.

But that night I could not find any. Also I started asking myself what I would have told the police. Most likely, the problem would have been explaining what I had seen and what I was worried about using my poor Korean. I was not sure whether they would understand English and I assumed that I would be forced to explain the situation using hand and foot.


Having seen two men fighting and not being able to help or stop the fight made me feel very bad. I dislike violence and wished they could have solved their argument on a verbal basis instead of hitting each other. Somehow, this situation keeps bothering me and I still regret that I could not do anything.

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