Change in plans

The year is slowly coming to an end and you can feel that Christmas is not far away. Even though it is not a major or very traditional holiday here in Korea, people celebrate it anyway. Many shops put up massive Christmas decoration or are preparing to do so. For them any kind of holiday is more than welcome to have special sales events, discounts or offer specific products for that season.

One of the very well-known department stores is covered by thousands of lights in the evening with changing colors, imitating being wrapped in different colors or having other kind of animation. Indeed it looks very beautiful and is a good place for taking nice pictures when it is dark.


Since I am living abroad I spent most of the past Christmas seasons at home surrounded by my family. I like the warm and cozy atmosphere at their home, having a warm tea or coffee in the later afternoon with some home made Christmas cookies. Especially when having some snow outside and being rather chilly, it felt great to enjoy some moments to relax far away from work or stress.


For this year, however, I plan to stay in Seoul. All colleagues located in Germany will be out of office and there will be no requests for urgent tasks or issues to be followed up which means that all projects will be in some kind of pause state. But this is exactly what I plan to make use of this year.

I would like to use that period for the project I am currently working on for the following reason:

In order to make a decision about the product offer to the customer, several options need to be evaluated and judged. This process is quite time consuming and combined with the regular work load, it is rather impossible to only focus on this. During Christmas season when everything is slowing down, I will have the chance to purely work on that specific topic without paying attention to incoming tasks on short notice.

When my colleagues in Germany will be back in the office, I will be able to deliver the results to them so that the entire project can move on without any delay in the end.


In parallel, I revised my plan for vacation and consider to go on annual leave in late January. Even though I will have to wait a couple of more days before having a longer period off to calm down and relax, there will be one benefit. I realized that most of the times, it started snowing after Christmas and skiing was sometimes not possible at all while I was staying at my parents home. Traveling to Europe at a later time this year, I expect that the skiing conditions will be much better.

Hopefully, this will also be the case this year.


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