Adding another year

Being an expat for quite a ling time now I have gone through that situation a couple of times in the past: the current contract is coming to an end within the next six months and therefore I should make a decision about my future.

Every expat is given a guarantee that she or he will be offered a job at the same salary at their home location when the contract ends. However, as the company can not hold a vacancy for several years, the jobs you are offered are more likely tasks no one else likes to do.

Therefore it is highly recommended to start searching for new options on your own.


When deciding about what to do next the main focus for me is the job and the related tasks itself. Then the location is the next thing to be considered.  Having working experience of three different countries up to now I have to admit that working abroad is more interesting and flexible.


One aspect is that both the job in China as well as my current one are in Korea give me much more freedom to decide on my own where I put the focus on. I have the feeling that I have more influence on things and can contribute more in decision making processes as I was able to in Germany.


The different cultural background and working habits are another aspect that made me enjoy working far away from my home country. I learned many things about how people from different countries act and react in various situations. Also topics like loyalty towards the employer, importance of hierarchy and being strict with rules changed with every culture.


Summarizing all this I discussed and decided with my boss that I am going to apply staying one more year in Seoul. The project I am currently working on will enter the critical phase shortly before my current contract ends and so it is more that reasonable to apply for an extension.

At the moment, I am waiting for getting the final signature on the document of the application so that the extension comes true and hopefully I will get a positive feedback within the next days.

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