Gifts, gifts, gifts

The second half of the year is a special period for our family. Except the birthdays of my niece and my father all other take place in autumn.

Within a period of two weeks there are four birthdays and one anniversary. Another month later we celebrate the birthday of my nephew and additional four weeks on top, it is time to celebrate Christmas.


As a consequence the second half of the year is the more expensive one and you need to make up your mind quite often about what could be a suitable and nice gift. Fortunately I usually have some ideas of what to send a s gift and do not have to buy vouchers or give an envelope with money.

Most likely I am prepared with all the surprises and gifts in place several weeks in advance and the closer it gets to the person’s birthday, the harder it gets for me not to disclose anything about the gift.


Even though it is still more than seven weeks to go until it is Christmas I have purchased the gifts for every single family member and I should be careful when talking to my parents or brother not to mention a single word about these things.


Same as several times before, also this time I realized that it is easier for me to spend money for others than for myself. In many cases I buy pricier things than I would buy for myself or accept a higher price for something when the idea of the gift is a good one from my point of view.

What legitimates and explains this behavior is simply that I like the happy and smiling faces of my family members when unpacking the gift. The value of these moments can not be estimated in money and I do not want to miss any single second of them.

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