Local food

During the hot and summer period one of my favorite dishes for lunch was cold noodles. Before I came to Korea, I tried a type of cold noodles only once in China but was not really flashed by its taste.

Also in Germany I can not remember having eaten cold noodles except as a kind of a salad.


When trying it for the first time here in Korea, I immediately fell in love with it. Especially when it is hot outside, a bowl of cold noodles is very refreshing as they are usually served with vegetables and less meat. This makes it a lighter option and you do not feel stuffed with food afterwards. Either going for a more watery version or the ones with less water and just a paste of seasoning, either choosing a more sour and salty or the chewy ones with hot pepper paste – my favorite I have to admit – there are several options. Most of the time the noodles are mixed with vegetables, sometimes a few thin slices of boiled beef or seasoned, dried fish.


No matter which one you choose, I definitely recommend to try one of them. Especially the chew spicy option is an interesting experience. The special type of noodles make this local dish so interesting: they look similar to regular spaghetti, but their texture is neither hard nor soft, they are simply chewy. Most people share the opinion that noodles should be cooked until „al dente“ to be perfect but eating the chewy ones will widen your horizon. In a mixture with fresh and crisp cabbage, steamed cucumber, bean sprouts, radish and the spiciness of the pepper paste make this dish so unique that I do not want to miss it during summer time any more.


The challenge will be finding these type of noodles somewhere outside Korea so that I will be able to prepare this food for myself one day when not living in Korea any more.

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