Plus one

365 days had passed and it was time again for my birthday. Since last Wednesday I have to add one more year to my age and don’t know whether I should feel old in the meantime or not.

On the one hand when seeing the numbers for my age, I do feel old. Also when listening to songsĀ on the radio I heard more than ten, fifteen or even twenty years ago for the very first time. I still like most of them but knowing how much time has gone by in the meantime, I can hardly believe the pure numbers. Being a teenager, periods like ten or twenty years seemed unbelievably long. Now, after this time has passed, I have the impression that it was just a few moments. The older I get, it changes how I see a period of one year for example. Somehow it feels shorter than before.


On the other hand, I wouldn’t say that I am old and do feel young. Not having married, not being a father or living together with a partner for a longer time is something that makes me think that I am more like a teenager or student who is just about to become a mature grown-up. Surely I changed the way I dress and am not partying like a teenager, but I still enjoy the freedom and just being responsible for my own life. There are moments in which I feel sad of being alone and not having settled down with a wife and kids. However, after spending several days being surrounded by kids for the entire day when working as a skiing instructor for example in winter time, I realize that I prefer coming home in the evening and the apartment is quiet. In case I want some noise or break the silence, it is up to me to turn on music or the TV. Kids can not be turned off when you just want to sit down and relax.


Anyway, I am satisfied with my current situation and look forward to the upcoming 365 days. I do not know what the new year of my life will bring and therefore I am excited about every new day to come.

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