Change of seasons

Several weeks ago it the heat of the summer had come to an end quite abruptly. From one day to the other, there was a remarkable difference in the temperature and ever since it stayed the same.

Though still being around thirty degrees in the afternoon, the daily maximum never reached 35 degrees any more. Also it became slightly more windy during the following days. The hot and sticky air became more enjoyable and the summer just got even better.


It was the same on this weekend. From Monday to Friday it was still quite warm in the afternoon with a maximum in the high twenties so that you could think of wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts in the evenings. However, the temperature dropped quite rapidly as soon as it turned dark and shorts were definitely no option.

The next step came on this weekend when the daily maximum did not even reach 20 degrees any more. At night it was less than 10 degrees and the wind made it feel even cooler.


It was time to wear more clothes and a thicker jacket when going for a walk this Sunday afternoon. The air was clean, the sky was blue but it was definitely not summer any more. Autumn had arrived in Seoul and the chilly wind was one of the signs of the change of the seasons.


Also inside my apartment the temperature has dropped and one of the two periods of the year has started which I definitely dislike: the change between the heating and cooling period. During these days, it is often rather chilly inside my home. I am used to walk around either barefoot or just wearing thin socks but during these two times of the year, I change to slippers or thick, woolen socks. Sitting on the sofa means also being wrapped in a blanket and turning on the air condition in the bedroom to lower the temperature for sleeping becomes obsolete.


Now I am counting the days until I can turn on the heating to have a cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home. Meanwhile I will try not to catch a cold and stay warm with a cup of tea or coffee.

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