Days are counted

Again and again it is hard to realize how quickly time is passing by. Roughly two weeks of my vacation are over and a few days are left before I need to return to Korea.

Thinking about what I have done so far, I have to admit that it may not sound too interesting or might even sound boring for some people but I do not want to miss a day.


The most thrilling thing was parachuting for sure and the afternoon was a blast. The weather couldn’t have been better and being accompanied by the entire family just made the event perfect.It felt good to share the excitement and joy with them and sitting together around a big coffee table was a great ending.

Another challenge I took was spending one afternoon at a high rope course. I had been at this place a couple of years ago and in the meantime, new courses had been designed and new ones had been added. The different sections of the courses and the height of the platforms made my pulse go up and sliding down the zip wires at the end of each course made a good mixture of thrill and excitement.


The program for the other days was more relaxed and easy going. Most of the morning I spent going for a walk just enjoying the weather. After lunch, I visited other cities, went for another walk or a coffee with my parents. From time to time I also had to turn on my laptop and answer several business related emails but fortunately this did not happen too often.

Simply doing not much more than just enjoying the beautiful weather and focusing on something else than work was a great counterpart to the rush and stress I have had the last months and weeks.

Probably this is the reason why I am feeling a little bit sad that my vacation is coming to an end.

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