Relaxing with a thrill

Time is definitely flying and the first week of my vacation is already over.


Since I am doing very hard to stay away from work and not following up on emails coming in, I found myself several times in front of my laptop answering them, forwarding them to colleagues and have short phone calls to push things forward.

I did not make a schedule for each and decide in a rather spontaneous way what I will do, and so there is the likeliness that I have time to focus on work for one or two hours.


However, the major part of the days off I had spent being outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Most of the days I had started with a walk of one or two hours around my parents home. The atmosphere was amazing with the beautiful scenery, familiar places and a clear blue sky. It felt so good to be back to the area where I had grown up and to stay a way from the busy and fast lifestyle of Seoul for some time. Everything was much smaller, slower and it felt a little bit like turning back the time.


So far I visited also other cities nearby and realized once again that nothing had changed. A few new shops here or there but no major difference to the last time. Especially when being at the place of where I lived during my time as a student, I immediately felt like coming home. Having a coffee at one of my favorite places was a must of course. While sipping my cappuccino, lots of memories passed by and put a smile on my face.


The end of the week was more thrilling. My brother had invited my parents and me to come over as they had a surprise for me at a place nearby. When all of us arrived at the location we were asked to come to, I felt more than happy. They had booked tandem skydiving for me. Now also the penny dropped and I realized why they had asked me not to book by myself as I had discussed with them a couple of days ago.

Again, it was lots of fun and I enjoyed every single second of it. For I knew what and how things are going to happen, I could focus more on enjoying the view and the feeling when free falling from the sky. After the parachute had been opened, the instructor asked me to grab the ropes on the left and right for steering and taught me who to make turns. Though I was careful and the turns were rather small ones compared to the ones the instructor had made at my first skydive, it was great to be „the boss“ for a while. Shortly before the landing, the instructor took over again and we came down to earth safely.


To sum it up, it was a great first week even though I had spent some hours with work related tasks. I am looking forward to another seven days at home and just wish the weather stays the same.

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