Ready to go

It is Friday evening and everything is prepared: both suitcases are packaged, hand luggage as well and in a few hours I will leave to the airport.


Today was a quite intense and very focused day at work. Due to a company almost no one could be found sitting at her or his desk at the office and when it comes to our team I was the only one who did not attend. I had decided to skip this event since I needed to finish some tasks before being out of office for more than two weeks. Moreover, I had a meeting with a supplier and a telephone conference with colleagues in Germany on my agenda.

The good thing about being the only one in the office is the atmosphere: it was quiet, no ringing phones or ad-hoc discussions nearby and you could literally hear a pin dropping. This allowed me to work more focused and concentrated than usually and when leaving in the evening I was happy with the result.


Everything I planned to do could be finished, I left some instructions for the colleagues being my substitute for the period of my vacation, had cleaned my desk and all emails had been answered.


At home, other tasks were waiting for me: finishing the laundry I had started the day before and most important: packing my bags.

The laundry was not a big deal and after 20 minutes all shirts and trousers could be put back into the closets.


Deciding which clothes, shoes and jackets I should take with me was rather simple. The more challenging part was the number and size of gifts I had bought and the size of my suitcase.

It took me quite a while to find a perfect way of arranging everything so that nothing gets broken while carrying and also fits into the suitcase. To my surprise, it fit perfectly and nothing needed to be left behind. As a result, both bags were as full as they could be and the weight was close to the limit but still less than maximum.


Now I am relaxing on the sofa feeling relieved that there is nothing left that needs to be done and I can just look forward to my vacation.

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