Buying gifts for the ones at home

Finally my plans for the upcoming vacation have been settled and I somehow feel relieved that I made a decision about what to do.

Against all ideas and thoughts I had before, I planned a flight back home and will stay with my family for a little bite more than two weeks. I agree, this is will not bring me many new experiences like new places or discovering a totally unknown place.


The reason for my decision was quite simple: I could not make a decision for any of the other ideas. There was always something that kept me from choosing this option: either it was fully booked, too complicated, other people shared negative experiences about this destination or it was simply too expensive. I guess another point is that I would have been traveling all alone. Have a friend or partner with you will always push you to do things even though your motivation might not be very high.


Anyway, I am looking forward to being back at home as well. There I will have the chance to go on a one day hiking trip to the Alps which I haven’t been on for quite a long time. Also I want to visit cities to which I couldn’t make it all the last times.


In preparation for this trip I started wondering what I might bring as gifts and this entire weekend I spend walking from here to there buying things I knew my friends and family will like or liked when bringing them with me when going to Germany one of the last times. Now I have a number of bags and small boxes in my bedroom with all the things I collected and most likely they will fill an entire suitcase. However, it has always been a nice experience bringing a small surprise with when seeing the happy faces of my friends and family afterwards.

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