Connection to home

It is five and a half years now that I am living abroad and visit my home country only when going on a business trip or being on vacation.

Before my first assignment to Beijing, the company sent every employee on a group workshop for intercultural training. One part of the training was a report from someone who had been an expat for several years and shared his – in our case it was a man – insights into daily life, challenges, experiences, happy and sad moments.


During his report he mentioned that he realized that during the time being far away from home he found out that his interest for German music had been growing continuously. He explained that he felt some kind of connection with his home country by listening to music in a language he grew up with. Also he could hear familiar words and phrases even though another language was spoken in the place he lived at that time.


These days I realized that this seems to be the same for me. Surely, the taste in music goes through a continuous development process as new artists and songs pop up every day, peopleĀ get older, other culturesĀ or new trends have a major impact on the music industry as well as yourself.

However, I realized that I have more and more German artists in my music library than I had several years before. Often I feel like listening to music from home, hearing songs in my mother tongue. While the music is coming out of the loudspeakers at my home, I have the impression of being connected to the ones at home. Especially the artists from the places I used to live at Germany give me an idea of being close to home when hearing hints of their dialect or when they sing about places I know.


So when feeling homesick one day, I might just have to play some songs from the country I come from to get over these feelings and think for a moment to be back.

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