Returning home

My business trip to Germany had come to an end and it was time to pack my bags. Thinking about all the days I had spent there this time I have to conclude that the journey was quite successful: the two workshops I attended were quite successful. Many things could be clarified, questions answered, decisions made and next steps defined.

Besides I had the chance to see my family twice on the weekends and do some nice activities such as house running and skydiving.


Especially meeting my brother was of great importance for me since it was Christmas I could see him, his wife as well as my nephew and niece again. As I had been in Germany in February including the not planned stay at the hospital, there was no chance for him or me to visit each other.


This time we even met twice. It was amazing to see which progress his kids had made within the last half a year. My nephew had become pretty talkative and more and more understood what he was asked or told. His sister had learned to ride the bicycle without needing any help and seemed to enjoy it a lot.


Now being back at my apartment in Seoul I feel a little bit sad that I can not see them very often. Also the time with my parents had passed by so quickly. Though talking to both, my parents and my brother on the phone or making a video call helps to stay in touch as much as possible, it feels too different to meet someone in person. The emotions are much stronger and the entire atmosphere is more intimate when sitting together talking over a cup of coffee for example.


Anyway, I am happy that nowadays there are many ways to stay in close touch with family members and friends even over a long distance and this will help me to overcome feeling sad. Instead I am happy to see that all of them are doing fine and I am sure the next video call will soon take place.

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