Beating yourself

Challenges at work or in everyday life when being a foreigner in another country is one thing. After being expat for almost five years now, I can say that I have some experience with this and so far I guess I managed to get along with everything in an acceptable way.


However, the bigger competition is the fight against your inner weakness. When coming back home after a long day at the office with meetings and many tasks, I often feel tired and would like to take a nap. The thought of taking a shower and relaxing on the sofa with a cup of coffee is always very tempting and seems to be the best way to recharge your batteries.


But giving in and following the voice from inside telling you just to relax would also mean not to stay in shape and become quite lazy. Surely, considering pushing yourself to the limits at the gym sounds more like hard work and not a suitable way to relax at all. Nevertheless, almost every evening I find myself in the gym on the treadmill, the dumbbell section or on any other machine in the gym at my home.


The first few minutes are the hardest part, arms and legs feel weak and my body tells me that it would have been better to stay on the sofa. Going on for another while will change the mindset completely. When feeling that there’s some energy left deep inside and you can beat the weakness is like a power boost.

Once the workout session is over I have a smile on my face. Sweating and exercising helps me to forget any kind of trouble and the wish of taking a nap. It makes me proud that I have won the battle against the inner weakness no matter what I had been feeling before. I am happy that I did not chose the easy way of doing nothing and went for an hour of sports instead.

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