Homesick in a different way

Throughout the years of living abroad there have been very few occasions I felt homesick.

Modern means of communication make it easy to stay in touch with friends and family in my home country and so borders more and more vanish. They remain only in terms of geographical distance.


While watching a TV show about Beijing recently, something changed. All of a sudden I had a strong feeling I would call homesick. Pictures of familiar places were shown, people were speaking Beijing dialect and lots of memories came back to my inner eye.

I am still in touch with most of my friends there, with some of them even on a daily basis but this is different than with my family in Germany.


As I relocated to China in early 2011 I had the plan to keep in close contact with my friends in Germany. However, after a while their replies became less and less and some of them disappeared completely. Less than a handful is left but we also do not talk that much.

I had to learn that there are people making promises, pretending to be friends and real friends. The latter one are the ones that are left.


I guess this is one of the reasons why I feel homesick when thinking about China and Beijing. I am afraid to lose my friends there as well  given some time and so I feel the need to go back there for vacation. Also I miss places I used to visit often and the atmosphere of this bustling city.

A second reason might be that Beijing had been treating me very well. I definitely felt comfortable there, had nice colleagues and even though being very busy at work, I enjoyed each day.


I like Seoul as well and also call it my home in the meantime but one thing is still missing: friends. I am doing quite hard over here to find people to spend time with outside working hours. Hopefully this will change in the next months so that I feel even more like at home.

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