Like nothing

A few minutes ago I finished preparing my luggage. The only things altho are missing are the tooth brush and my shaving equipment which I will add tomorrow morning.


Then it will be time to go back home to Seoul after 9 days.  For me it feels as if the time here passed by like nothing. I remember very well sitting together with my brother, his wife and kids as well as my parents one week ago. We spent an entire afternoon together exchanging the latest news, the kids were playing with the gifts I had brought and everyone was just happy.


My schedule for Monday to Friday was packed with multiple trainings. Two of them were more challenging with several small tests during the day. On Friday I received the results and felt relieved as I read that I had passed both of them.

The rest of the time I had meetings with colleagues talking about several projects and while having lunch about private topics.


It felt good to see all of them again after quite a long time. The last time I was in the office in Germany was last autumn. In the meantime there had been many changes for nearly every department, people had been moved to other parts of the buildings and new faces could be seen everywhere.


However, I also realized what was different to working and living in Seoul: the entire life seemed to be more relaxed and less in a rush. Paying a bill at a supermarket for a bottle of water could not be done by credit card, cash was the means of choice. Driving downtown did not end up in traffic jams and no honking could be heard at all.

Also the internet had its dropouts either the WiFi at the hotel or on the mobile phone.


From Tuesday morning on I will see another world again. At that time I will be arriving in Seoul and continue what has started one and a half years ago: a life on the other side of the world.

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