Tempus fugit

Indeed time is flying. April is coming to an end soon and so is the second month of my assignment for Korea.

Last week I had been struggling with my shipment but now everything is settled and I can start feeling more and more at home. I like the cozy atmosphere of my new neighborhood with tons of small galleries, souvenir and coffee shops.

The busy it is during daytime – especially on the weekends – the quiet and relaxed it is in the evening.


Another step closer to becoming a local was receiving my private credit card. Of course it comes with a package of different coupons and bonus programs. In addition, signing up for a local mobile phone number also included a membership giving additional discounts.

Luckily, most of these membership programs can be summarized in one app on the cell phone containing all the account numbers. When buying a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate you just need to present the screen with the corresponding membership number to the cashier and it gets scanned.


So far I have managed to set up some of by myself but as all of them are in Korean I need help from my colleague for the rest. I also want to include the card for the subway to pay through NFC once the account was linked to my credit card.


Last but not least I can start learning Korean in the near future. A teacher could be found and I am currently discussing the schedule with her. Since I have to go on a business trip next Wednesday to Busan I have to postpone the first lesson to the beginning of May.

I am looking forward to learning a new language and hopefully being able to speak some words one day. Fortunately there have been several occasions for me to keep using Mandarin and every evening I chat with my friends on WeChat using Chinese characters. This should help me not to forget everything that I have learner.

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