Fully moved in

Since this weekend I am fully settled in Seoul. On Wednesday I changed the apartment to my final one and a day later the container with my personal belongings arrived.


I spent the entire Saturday with unpacking boxes, storing clothes and documents, putting up some decoration and giving the apartment the look that somebody is living there.

In the end I was quite happy with the result. Before I was afraid of running out of space as the storing capacities are pretty limited. However, besides rarely needed documents only a few things had to be put back into boxes again.


Now I feel much more at home as before because even a handful of decoration articles made the entire atmosphere more homey. Most of these things are from my time in China and remind me of the past three years. My plan is to put some photos together in a frame and hang it on the wall to remind me of my friends and colleagues in Beijing.


On Sunday I decided to get a little bit more familiar with my neighborhood and so I took a longer walk in the afternoon. The apartment building is located in a side road of one of the tourist hot spots in Seoul and so during daytime the area is quite busy. Besides people from Europe and the U.S. I mostly spotted Chinese visitors. Also here the shop assistants were able to speak Chinese which I found out later on.


Honestly speaking I do prefer talking to them in Chinese instead of English. According to my impression there Chinese is much better than their English and my Mandarin skills were enough for an easy communication.

In the meantime I am quite surprised and also happy that I can still make use of learning Chinese even having left China.


As a first feedback when being asked if I already feel at home in the capital of South Korea I would say „yes“. People have been treating me nicely so far and there has not been any weird situation yet. My new apartment is nice and I slowly get an overview of the area between our office and my home.

Now it is time to discover more.

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