Out for a walk

What to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon when having no other plans? Going out for a walk is definitely an option and so I decided to leave my apartment in the afternoon. I took my camera with me and was heading for Cheonggyecheon river.

The reconstructed area on the borders of this small river had been reconstructed and were a perfect area to escape from cars and taxis. A stairway led down to the beginning of the channel-like path left and right of the river.


Families, couples or other people had exactly the same idea and so it was quite lively there. Every now and then bigger stones or small bridges allowed pedestrians to cross the water and reach the other side. Since the river was located one or two floors lower than roads and streets around and shadowed by walls on each side the noise of the traffic was pretty low and you could almost forget to be in the center or one of the biggest metropolitan areas of the world.

At the Great East Gate (Dongdaemun) I took the stairs up to the intersection and changed my route towards the famous clothes market. Instead I found a small flower market in a side road that caught my attraction. People were selling almost the same kind of plants that I knew from other countries but the atmosphere was quite nice.

In one of the small booths a Korean lady was sitting relaxed between her plants looking very satisfied no matter selling something or not.


I turned around another corner and was making my way back towards the direction I had come from. Since it seemed to be quite far to get back home I took a cab.

To my surprise the all the places I had been to today looked quite far away from each other on a map but have been much closer in reality. The City Hall or Gyeongbokgung are in walking distance (twenty or thirty minutes) – but only at the moment.


In two weeks I will move to a different apartment in Insa-dong area where I will stay for almost two years. Luckily, this place is even closer to Gyeongbokgung or Cheonggyecheon.

Anyway, I feel a little bit more at home after this walk passing by different places. Since the summer is right around the corner, it can only get better.


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