No luck today

It is Sunday and besides being busy with laundry I decided to go shopping. Instead of clothes I wanted to fill up my refrigerator. My plan was to go to a big supermarket not far away from my home to check their offer and prices.


Since I didn’t know where exactly it was I decided to take a taxi and not the subway. Five minutes later I arrived at the huge mall complex with a supermarket in the basement. As I arrived at the entrance the roller gate was closing and I saw the sign that it is closed every second and fourth Sunday per month.

Quite disappointed I turned around walking towards the subway station which was integrated in the mall complex.. As a backup I wanted to go to the much smaller supermarket near the office from where I could walk home.


Indeed I was not lucky at all today. It was closed this particular Sunday as well. Ten minutes later I opened the door to my apartment being a little bit angry. However, I was not in a big need for anything and so I tried to forget the whole thing.

Next time I will go shopping on a Saturday.

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