Becoming a local

Surely I will never be able to become a local, the only thing I can do is to adapt as much as possible.

Some kind of adaption was to get a local registration to comply to Korean law. With the registration I also received a social security number which is the gate opener to things like a bank account or getting a mobile phone contract.


The first one is the goal for the coming week: fortunately there is a branch office of the bank everyone recommended at the ground floor of our office. One of my colleagues promised to accompany me and support with translating.


Getting a local mobile phone contract is already past. Since Friday I am a subscriber to SK Telecom, Koreas biggest mobile network provider.

Compared to China my contract is quite expensive, but the same packages would be more expensive in Germany. The advantage here is that the coverage with LTE Advanced is almost a 100% and the speed is amazing.

The same applies for WiFi: scanning for open networks leads you to a long list and downloading a movie from an online store takes just a few minutes (in my case: 4.47 GB in 30 minutes).


Within two days of being online I quickly fell in love with checking social networks, browsing the internet or streaming music. Instead of just walking on the street I quite often caught myself reading microblogs paying only limited attention to my surroundings. Unfortunately there is no application telling you that you are about to crash into another pedestrian.


I am excited what I will feel like when being abroad for a business trip and lacking these advantages. At least I will know sooner or later I will be back and able to enjoy high speed internet.

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