One week later

The first week in Korea is over and it is time for a short summary: The apartment I had chosen was not bad and the location perfect. Each morning and evening I was taking a short walk of ten to fifteen minutes. This helped me to get a clear mind before and after work. Across the building I live in is a small coffee serving a nice brew I went to a couple of times already.


Besides the area around my new home was pretty quiet and dominated by office buildings, small connivence stores and a few restaurants. One evening I took a walk of half an hour to find out where the surrounding roads lead to. On the next big intersection I turned right and after several meters I passed a museum telling the story of rice. Another right turn into a smaller road brought me into a vera quiet street. After a while I passed a school for girls only and the Russian embassy. Ten minutes later I was back at home.


Apart from getting used to my new apartment and its surroundings I spent most of my time at work. All new colleagues welcomed me after saying hello I was guided to my new desk. My new boss who had just arrived some days earlier told me that this was just an interim solution and soon we would be moving to a different area. I knew him from Germany but up to now there haven’t been many things I had to deal with him. However, I am quite optimistic that we will have a smooth cooperation.


The second half of the week was dominated by a workshop together with colleagues from our departments. It was all about how we will cooperate with them in the future and what everybody expects from the other side. Yesterday evening all of us went for dinner for socializing and celebrating the positive outcome of the workshop. In a nearby restaurant we had Korean barbecue. The meat and all the side dished were very tasty and it seems it is going to be tough not to gain several more kilos. Afterwards we had a drink in an area which is quite common for foreigners. the bar was mixed with Americans, Koreans and us of course. Compared to my experience in Beijing everything was a little bit cleaner and less noisy as I had expected. I am sure there are also other hot spots of Seoul’s night life that are more like Sanlitun (Beijing). However, I did not see anyone being drunk even though it was not even midnight, nobody was yelling and to my surprise it was not even allowed to smoke inside most of the venues.


I am looking forward to all what is coming and hope there will not be a single day I will regret leaving Beijing and moving to Seoul.

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