At home as a guest

Last Friday I moved out of my apartment and before I finally move to Korea I will stay in a hotel for the last couple of days.

It felt strange leaving the building that I had lived in for the last three years. There will be no more wake up call with a familiar voice, no more small talk with the staff and no more view on the CCTV building.


Even though this was just two days ago I already miss the place and all the places around. I went back there today to meet a friend but the feeling was much different.


Last week I was still contracted by China and called myself a resident. Now being contracted by South Korea I am nothing else than a guest. I was surprised how fast things change. Surely everything was still the same as before but deep inside something was new. Probably it was that I knew in a few days I will discover a new neighborhood. At the same time I was realizing that I was not sure when I will come back to Beijing again on a business trip.


When checking in at the hotel I am currently staying it was a quite weird situation. Three years I was living in that city that I called my home a few weeks after my arrival. Now shortly before leaving I was staying here as a guest.


Hopefully I will come back soon to visit my friends and colleagues again and to see what has changed in the meantime. When leaving Seoul for the first time as a resident I will also realize what I will miss from there or if I am just looking forward to be back in the familiar neighborhood of Beijing for several days.

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