Until the very last second

The last week of February has started and despite focusing on my relocation to Korea work is bothering me more than ever.

It seems to me as if everyone knows that I will be leaving soon and so they want me to help them with this, show them that and support them as much as possible until the very end of my contract.


In between I have to manage having my belongings packed by the relocation company, hand over my apartment and transfer to a nearby hotel for the last days.

Something had gone wrong and the relocation company had not been notified yet. As I asked about the when they will come it all happened within minutes: several emails had been sent back and forth and after a short telephone call the relocation agent and I had agreed on meeting the next day for discussing all the details.


Packing and shipping seemed to be a routine job and the relocation agent promised that it was not a big deal. However, the paperwork was a challenge.

The company need my passport for preparing documents for customs clearance. Since my visa for China is currently extended (for some other reasons) I will not get back my passport earlier than March 4th in the morning. Then my company needs it for internal processes for half a day.

In the afternoon of March 4th it will be picked up by the relocation company to proceed with the forms for customs clearance. On March 6th in the afternoon they will hand over my passport so that I can leave China as planned on March 7th in the morning.


Fingers crossed!

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