It is getting closer

The end of February is coming closer and much faster than I had expected. There are only ten days left and then my new assignment for Korea will begin.


The contract has been signed and the order for my relocation has been forwarded to the moving agency. Within the next days I will discuss with them all the details about when they will come to pick up my stuff and where to ship it.

This will be a good chance to get rid of unused things and avoid carrying unnecessary belongings. My DVDs and CDs will be shared among my friends as well as brochures of Beijing or tourist maps.


Job wise there is not any change yet. I am still working at full throttle on all my usual projects and there has not been any decision about who will take over which of my tasks. Time is ticking and the closer March is coming the less time remains for the successor.

My boss told me that he confirmed with his boss that I might have to come back occasionally at the beginning to further support my old tasks and making the hand over as smooth as possible.


This Saturday most of my friends and me will meet for a dinner together. Of course I chose a Korean restaurant to give them a little impression of what I might eat more frequently in the future.


However, I feel that I am getting a little bit more sad each day. Passing by places and familiar roads by car often causes thoughts like „This might be the last time I drive a long this way as a resident“ or recalls beautiful memories.

I am sure I will miss Beijing, I will miss China, all friends, all places, the traffic and the sound of the city.

Three years passed by so quickly on the one hand, but were so intense on the other. Never in my life so many impressions, new things and flavors occurred to me as well as I had never met so many new people before. Most of them treated me well and some of them even became friends.


I wish that I won’t regret starting a new adventure in South Korea and I am already looking forward to coming back to Beijing in the future.

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