The last four weeks

Time is flying and today I realized that there are just four weeks left for me until I have to leave Beijing.


Until then there will be lots of work. First of all the projects I am working on are ongoing and one of them is in a critical phase at the moment. Therefore we will have a workshop with different suppliers this week. The attention from management side is quite high and everyone expects good news at the end of the week.


Another topic is preparing my relocation. Leaving China means to finish all expense reports, hand in several documents, fill in different forms and close all accounts. All of my recent expense reports are under checking by the finance department and I don’t think I will get the money before I transfer to Korea. For I won’t close my local bank account I will have access to the money from Korea as well.

In addition, I have to check with HR in Korea if all processes for my on boarding have been started. Also the contract for my new apartment has not been signed yet.


Besides all these work related issues there are other things to organize as well. I plan to make a farewell dinner for all my colleagues. Most likely we will go to a Korean restaurant and I need to make a reservation.

Furthermore, I plan to do the same for my friends and maybe even a farewell party. I have not made up my mind what it will be like but should come to a decision quite soon.


Last but not least I want to meet my friends more often in the remaining time but finishing late doesn’t make it easy. Even though the workshop is just for one week, the other days will be packed with finishing tasks and handing over of my work packages.

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