Goodbye and hello

A week full of impressions, discoveries and new experiences is coming to an end. Seoul has been treating me very well during the past five days.


What happened during my stay here? I was introduced to new places like Insa-dong, Itaewon and Namsan Park. I had heard of the places before or read about them in a magazine, but a hands on experience is much different. Most of all the small streets and old houses in Insa-dong showed me an entirely new side of the modern and bustling capital of South Korea.

It seemed to me as if the pace was much slower there and people were mainly focused on enjoying their live instead of checking the stock exchange or following the latest trends. From my point of view this part of the city is fine for taking a short timeout from Seoul’s high speed life.


In addition I was introduced to new flavors and tests when eating Bulgogi for the first time or trying Korean dumplings. The spicy the pepper sauce that came with Bulgogi was, the light and mild was the taste of the dumplings. The white kimchi as a side dish for Bulgogi helped to relax your tongue when it was too spicy. The tender meat mixed with mushrooms and onion was a perfect combination and everything was cooked to the point.

On the contrary the broth the dumplings were served in was light and had a slight beef taste. The dough around the filling was sting enough to prevent the dumplings from falling apart, but not chewy at all. With minus 10 degrees centigrade outside the soup made my stomach feel warm.


As a last and most important outcome of this week was that I found my home for the next two year. Like three years ago when selecting an apartment for my stay in Beijing a relocation company helped me to find an appropriate place.

Together we had seen apartments in different parts of the city and checked all the details. In the end I chose the one which is in walking distance to the main subway station in Seoul and more important in walking distance to the office. I am happy and sad at the same time that I found a new place to live. It makes me looking forward to finally moving here in a few weeks but means saying goodbye to Beijing as well.


During the past three years I feel in love with the capital of China, had many happy moments and found several new friends. I know that I will leave a lot behind but these impressions will always be saved in my heart and my memories. My plan is to come back to Beijing from time to time to meet my friends and familiar places again.

I wish that I can stick to this plan and that it is not only a wish.

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