A new challenge has started

You might have guessed from one of the last blog posts that there is something going on that leads to a bigger change for me.


Indeed, there is. From March 1st I will be starting my new assignment in another country. I am neither going back to Germany nor heading somewhere on the western hemisphere. On the contrary, I will move a little bit more eastern to the city of Seoul.


At least I will stay there for two years according to my current (new) contract. Therefore I had to come to my new hometown this week to looking for a place to stay. I have been to Seoul a couple of times in the past but the feeling is rather different this time.

All the times before it was just a business trip knowing to be back in Beijing after one or two weeks. The focus was purely on work and nothing else.

Now I will spend five working days just for one purpose: get to know the city or at least an overview and to find a nice new home.


When I was sitting on the bus from the airport to the hotel I started wondering whether I will like it here, if I will find new friends or if it was the right decision to move here.

A reason why I am wondering about all this might be that I feel very comfortable in Beijing. In the meantime I can speak some Chinese, found some new friends and the city itself treated me well throughout my three years there.


I know it is a big risk of giving up what had worked out so well in the past and probably that’s why some doubts came up. Besides giving up many things I regard it as a good chance to make use of my experience in Asia and a challenge to discover new things.

The food I tried so far was delicious and having a coffee shop on every corner fits me as well.

My impression so far is that the city itself is cleaner than Beijing and people are driving more carefully. Before my first visit to Korea I thought people can not be more friendly as in China but indeed they can. Korea is a good example for that.


I will try to get rid of all these doubts and see things positive: changes make life interesting and I am ready for lots of things to come.

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