The visa arrived – finally

Tuesday was the big day – the visa arrived. What started in November last year came to an end after several weeks. Getting a working visa for China is not one of the most complicated things but takes a while. Before you can apply for it you need to collect several documents. First of all, there is a check up whether your physical constitution can handle the living conditions in China. In other words, are you strong enough for China? Chinese authorities request an official document that says the applicant’s health is in good condition. Furthermore, you get several vaccination injections against lots of things you might never have heard of. Last bus not least you need X-ray photographs of your lungs. That’s it for the medical check-up. In addition to that, the applicant should provide ten biometric passport pictures, an invitation letter, a filled out visa application form and a letter. This letter shall proof that the applicant has at least two years of experience in doing business in an English speaking background. When all of the named documents have been collected, they will be sent to China. After about six weeks you will receive an alien employment license for China as well as a Z-visa. After entering the country with this visa you have 30 days to change it into a working visa at the Chinese authorities. After passing this last step, you are allowed to work in China – finally.

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