The point of no return has been passed

Yes, that’s right. Since last Thursday there is no way back any more. This day I signed the contract for going abroad. Even though I knew this date long before it felt a little bit strange as I was sitting at the table the contract in front of ready to be signed. A colleague from the relocation department was sitting across the table. Before I grabbed the pen I made up my mind and wondered whether there are any open issues or questions I want to clarify before making it official.After it was done I was driving back to the office. As time passed by I more and more realized that really has come true what had started months ago. I pretty much remembered the situation when I was sitting in the office of my boss and he offered me the chance to go to China. My instant reaction was a clear „No“. However, I have never managed to get rid of this thought and thought about this offer many times. A few weeks later I was sitting at the same table with the same person telling him that I changed my mind at might turn my „No“ into a „Yes“. We decided that I will go there on a business trip to get an impression of the working conditions, the people and the city itself before making a final decision. While staying there it became more and more clear that Beijing will become my new home because I liked the city from the very first moment. Five and a half months passed in the meantime and now I am just two weeks away from moving there.

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