Local food

Oktober 22nd, 2016

During the hot and summer period one of my favorite dishes for lunch was cold noodles. Before I came to Korea, I tried a type of cold noodles only once in China but was not really flashed by its taste.

Also in Germany I can not remember having eaten cold noodles except as a kind of a salad.


When trying it for the first time here in Korea, I immediately fell in love with it. Especially when it is hot outside, a bowl of cold noodles is very refreshing as they are usually served with vegetables and less meat. This makes it a lighter option and you do not feel stuffed with food afterwards. Either going for a more watery version or the ones with less water and just a paste of seasoning, either choosing a more sour and salty or the chewy ones with hot pepper paste – my favorite I have to admit – there are several options. Most of the time the noodles are mixed with vegetables, sometimes a few thin slices of boiled beef or seasoned, dried fish.


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Plus one

Oktober 16th, 2016

365 days had passed and it was time again for my birthday. Since last Wednesday I have to add one more year to my age and don’t know whether I should feel old in the meantime or not.

On the one hand when seeing the numbers for my age, I do feel old. Also when listening to songs on the radio I heard more than ten, fifteen or even twenty years ago for the very first time. Read the rest of this entry »

Change of seasons

Oktober 9th, 2016

Several weeks ago it the heat of the summer had come to an end quite abruptly. From one day to the other, there was a remarkable difference in the temperature and ever since it stayed the same.

Though still being around thirty degrees in the afternoon, the daily maximum never reached 35 degrees any more. Also it became slightly more windy during the following days. The hot and sticky air became more enjoyable and the summer just got even better.


It was the same on this weekend. From Monday to Friday it was still quite warm in the afternoon with a maximum in the high twenties so that you could think of wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts in the evenings. However, the temperature dropped quite rapidly as soon as it turned dark and shorts were definitely no option.

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Starting again

Oktober 1st, 2016

The heat of the summer has come to an end and as autumn is right around the corner it seems as if one of my hobbies becomes more attractive again: baking.

During summer time when the apartment was quite warm and you had to rush home when buying things that are usually stored in the fridge like milk or eggs, I did not feel like making cookies or a cake. Also I was a little bit worried about keeping things fresh especially when it came to dairy products.


As the temperatures are dropping I more and more felt like doing some baking again. Thinking of autumn, I could almost smell some maple tree syrup, cinnamon and the flavor of nuts in my nose. Fresh cinnamon rolls for example would be a nice option with a cup of coffee. What might have been an iced latte in summer could be a hot cappuccino as pairing for the pastry.

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Back in another time zone

September 25th, 2016

Since last Wednesday I am back to Seoul after two and a half weeks of vacation in Germany. But it is not only a change in locations, it means that I will have to adapt again to the local time zone. At the moment, Germany is seven hours behind and in six weeks, when changing from summer to winter time one hour will be added on top.


Fighting the jet lag and adapting to a different time zone is nothing new to me and I have been going through this multiple times already. However, it is a challenge each time. The first days my mind is always calculating and comparing the current time of the place I just arrived from.


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Days are counted

September 16th, 2016

Again and again it is hard to realize how quickly time is passing by. Roughly two weeks of my vacation are over and a few days are left before I need to return to Korea.

Thinking about what I have done so far, I have to admit that it may not sound too interesting or might even sound boring for some people but I do not want to miss a day.


The most thrilling thing was parachuting for sure and the afternoon was a blast. The weather couldn’t have been better and being accompanied by the entire family just made the event perfect.It felt good to share the excitement and joy with them and sitting together around a big coffee table was a great ending.

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Relaxing with a thrill

September 11th, 2016

Time is definitely flying and the first week of my vacation is already over.


Since I am doing very hard to stay away from work and not following up on emails coming in, I found myself several times in front of my laptop answering them, forwarding them to colleagues and have short phone calls to push things forward.

I did not make a schedule for each and decide in a rather spontaneous way what I will do, and so there is the likeliness that I have time to focus on work for one or two hours.


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Ready to go

September 2nd, 2016

It is Friday evening and everything is prepared: both suitcases are packaged, hand luggage as well and in a few hours I will leave to the airport.


Today was a quite intense and very focused day at work. Due to a company almost no one could be found sitting at her or his desk at the office and when it comes to our team I was the only one who did not attend. I had decided to skip this event since I needed to finish some tasks before being out of office for more than two weeks. Moreover, I had a meeting with a supplier and a telephone conference with colleagues in Germany on my agenda.

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Buying gifts for the ones at home

August 28th, 2016

Finally my plans for the upcoming vacation have been settled and I somehow feel relieved that I made a decision about what to do.

Against all ideas and thoughts I had before, I planned a flight back home and will stay with my family for a little bite more than two weeks. I agree, this is will not bring me many new experiences like new places or discovering a totally unknown place.


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Connection to home

August 20th, 2016

It is five and a half years now that I am living abroad and visit my home country only when going on a business trip or being on vacation.

Before my first assignment to Beijing, the company sent every employee on a group workshop for intercultural training. One part of the training was a report from someone who had been an expat for several years and shared his – in our case it was a man – insights into daily life, challenges, experiences, happy and sad moments.


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